Amazing Gluten, Dairy and Meat- Free Burger:

WOOHOO!!! Sunday’s here, guests are near. Bring it on, mama dear! Who doesn’t love a great burger?! Crunchy yet smooth and mushy flavorsome burger. Rumors have it that this goodiness is promising to take your taste buds to orgasm as soon as it starts fusing with your excited starving mouth…  Hubba- hubba!!! Is this real?! » Can a…

Is your gut making you sick?!

Back in the days when animals could talk, there was a heavenly sent couple ruling Earth: YOU and YOUR HEALTHY BODY.
At least, until your gut decided to become your frenemy and surprise you with: » constipation

            » diarrhea

            » low libido

            » insomnia

            » headaches

            » lack of energy

           » hormonal imbalance

            » mood swings

            » food intolerance

            » joint aches

            » food  and environmental allergy

            » muscle aches

            » breath- taking uninviting body smell

            » colitis

            » memory loss

            » asthma

            » white deposits on the surface of the tongue

            » congestion

            » acne

            » extreme sweating, especially during the night

            » vaginitis

            » autoimmune diseases

            » kidney and bladder infections

            » arthritis

            » depression
If you too struggle with these nasty issues, stay tuned for finally receiving effortlessly and permanently health improvement by the means of personalized health programs created by our Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant.

Ways to make sure your disease is not coming back.

  How many times you’ve decided to go on a gluten- free diet? To have a friendly yet no turning back break-up from headaches, migraines, swallowing, constipation, abdominal pain, hormonal imbalance, hair loss or…  hair floss, anxiety, depression, insomnia. 06 am. Charmed dreams with Phoenix birds dancing around you and raising you up from those…

Overcome Candida Overgrowth with this irresistible sweet treat.

  Who doesn’t recall grandma’s sweet treats?! Serotonin, melatonin, oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine… It’s party time!!! Yes, our beloved Dopamine is the reward freak here. Excitement, happiness, they all feed this hormone. As it is produced directly into neuronal synapses, as soon as joy or anger, peace or furry arise, this little one, gives the alarm: “Bring…

Cure any Disease, with this proven tactic.

Allergic, suffering from Candidiasis, eczema, hormonal and autoimmune disorders, autistic, depressed, anxious, fearful. Histamine Intolerant, Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Intolerant… Life intolerant. And… Where are you now?! In which point your identity changed from Alice, John, Mary or Andrew into a label?! You are supposed to be more than just a sick person. Want it or not,…

How to: Boost Your Digestive System In Less Than 5 Minutes

Before you head out the door, let’s add some healing to that digestive tract and pay attention to… the sticky part of your tongue.
During sleep time, our body takes the night shift very serious and cleanses all the toxins provided in the past day, so, immediately after waking up, sales ring on the door:
Two at price of one:
Intoxicated and acidic body.
All you have to do is pay
with… Health.
Using this small brush, scratch softly…

How to: Destroy Our Health

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place where you have to live!” (Jim Rohn) Concern for a healthy lifestyle emerged with the birth of mankind, the first advice on what constitutes a balanced diet coming right from the Creator: “Behold, I will give all the herbs that make seed of the whole Earth and…